Houston Civil Law Attorney

Civil law is the area of law that deals primarily with disputes between organizations and/or individuals where some form of compensation is being sought, normally in the form of money. The disputes can involve breached agreement, bills not being paid or damages caused by a person or company to another. It can also involve administrative remedies and procedures relating to licenses, lemon law claims, and unemployment claims, to mention a few.

Civil Law Lawyer in Houston

We are committed to providing a dedicated and aggressive approach for our clients. We are always willing to consider settlement options, but will zealously litigate those cases that are contested. We handle many types of civil law matters including:
  • Enforcement of Agreements
  • Defending wrongful claims
  • License (CHL, professional, drivers') revocations
  • License (CHL, professional, drivers') application
  • Debt collection and defense
  • Consumer litigation
  • employment

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