Houston Divorce Attorney

Divorce is more than just the permanent end of a marriage. It has to take into account the relationships and lives of all those involved. It's about the future of loved ones and what the plan will be going forward. Because any divorce or family law issue requires such careful preparation and planning its best to consult with a divorce attorney well versed in Texas State divorce and family law.

Family Law Attorney

Because Divorce and Family Law issues come in so many different flavors, from the uncontested to the highly contested with business asset division and child custody issues mixed in, it's extremely important to have quality legal representation. Regardless of the complexity your divorce, the State of Texas will require at minimum the same basic items:
  • Filing with the court
  • Serving the other party, or voluntary appearance
  • Exchange of documents with opposing party
  • Decree/Order by settlement (typical) or by trial (atypical)
These are the basics, but everyone brings to the table their own set of facts which will add a unique tangent to these basics.

Family Law and Divorce Law issues can be complicated and we know you'll have more questions, so as a place to start give us a call and we'll answer your phone questions at no charge. Or you can contact us here.